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More than 8 crore LPG gas cylinder holders will get big relief, 2020

The government is going to give relief to the people in case of LPG gas cylinder soon.  After the change in the rules, the person will have the option to buy LPG as per his need.  If they do not need, they will not take a 14 kg LPG gas cylinder nor will they have to make a full payment.

Accelerate the process of marketing reform
 According to media reports, the Ministry of Petroleum has asked state oil companies to expedite the marketing reform process with the rural masses and small town people in mind.  A review meeting was held at the Ministry of Petroleum.  The change will benefit customers of more than 80 million PM Ujjawala schemes.

Can also take LPG of Rs 80-100

 According to sources, the service will be provided through mobile LPG van.  Subsidies will be provided to the customer as much as he takes LPG.  The customer can also get LPG of Rs 80-100 if he wants.  The government has allocated a subsidy of about Rs 37,000 crore for the financial year 2021.  The government will also feel less subsidy after the change in the rules.
 Increased the price of the cylinder by Rs

 The country's oil marketing companies have hiked the price of LPG Gas Cylinder in July.  HPCL, IOC and BPCL have hiked the price of non-subsidized cooking gas cylinders by Rs 1 in Delhi on July 1.  As a result, cooking gas cylinders will cost Rs 4 in Kolkata, Rs 3.50 in Mumbai and Rs 3 in Chennai.

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