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Haju Corona Thi Chutkaro Pan Nathi Malyo | China new Virus Details open 2020

New delhi date.  01 July 2020, Wednesday

 The Corona virus, which originated in China, has shaken the entire world.  Millions have lost their lives to this dangerous virus.  The virus, which started months ago, is not stopping despite all efforts.  Not yet got rid of this virus that another virus has knocked in China.  This revelation was made by a Chinese scientist.
 The virus is similar to the 2009 swine flu virus. A Chinese scientist has recently discovered a new flu virus.  It is being reported that this virus can also take the form of an epidemic.  Researchers have dubbed the virus G4 EA H1N1.  The virus is similar to the 2009 swine flu.  However, it has also been found to be slightly different from swine flu.
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The virus, like the corona, can be epidemic.  According to the information, this new virus has the power to spread the infection badly to human beings.  It is said that this strain is found in pigs.  In addition, it can spread the infection to humans.  Researchers have expressed concern that the virus could cause serious problems at any time and could easily spread from one person to another.

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