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Passenger trains will not start till June 30, when can they start 2020

The Railways has decided to give full refund of all tickets canceled for regular trains before April 14

New Delhi: Railways in the country have been shut down for almost three months due to the Corona virus epidemic.  The process of unlocking has started in the country.  Domestic flights are exempt with all restrictions.  It may still take time for the trains to start.  It is also hoped that the trains may start in mid-August, given that the Railways has decided to give a full refund of all tickets canceled for regular trains before April 14.  Have done.  All zones have been asked to generate refunds for all tickets.

 According to a report in the Times of India, the Railway Ministry on Monday issued a circular instructing all zones to refund all tickets booked on or before April 14.  So far, the railways have announced closure of railway services till June 30.  Now it seems that the time limit may be extended.

According to railway rules, any train ticket can be booked up to 120 days in advance.  Now when all tickets are asked to be refunded on and before April 14, that means all tickets booked before August 15 will be refunded.  So will the trains run after August 15?  However, the situation is not likely to be normal at present.  It may still take time for passenger trains to start.
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